Marko Stainless & Aluminium has a wealth of experience working with commercial  including schools, hospitals, correctional centres and government departments as well as industry.

We have many years of experience manufacturing a wide range of items including stainless steel kitchen benches, balustrades and architectural equipment. We manufacture equipment to customers’ specific requirements with particular attention to quality and detail.

We also specialise in a whole range of drink and wash facilities that are complete with tapware and ready to install quickly and easily without high installation costs.

Our company was established in 1994. We do however have many more years experience in  manufacturing fine quality stainless steel products and furnishings and work is carried out by a team of experienced craftsmen.

We are proud of our achievements and our reputation for quality and service and will continue to offer our customers the best product available on the market for many years to come.

We guarantee our products are quality manufactured and offer free and courteous advice for all your enquires. Our aim is to ensure Service, Quality and Customer Satisfaction to all our clients and have Commitment to improve and increase our product range to cater to customer needs.


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