Please find below a range of products from Marko Stainless

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Copper Courtyard Feature 

Replacing original Newcastle Court House Fountain.



Stainless Steel Memorial Monument 




Brass Handrails 

Custom made.



Stainless Steel Food Service Hands Free Sink 

Single or multiple.



Stainless Steel Arrestors 

Various models available.



Stainless Steel Trough with Lockable Vandle Guard 

Multiple tap or bubler unit. Also available in stainless steel.



Stainless Steel Lockout Box
Aluminium Light Truck Canopy – Modular 

Three large doors with gas strut operation. Checker plate floor. No fracturing as with fiberglass units.



Stainless Steel Operating Theatre Purpose Built Fume 

Extraction unit.



Stainless Steel Hospital Bed Clipboard 




Stainless Steel Food Service Trolley 

Holds twelve fully loaded food trays. Includes lock bars to retain trays when on uneven surfaces. Lockable non marking castors.



Stainless Steel Hospital Trolley 

Multi shelf unit with stainless steel drawers and non marking castors.



Stainless Steel Hospital or Linen Service Sterilization Trolley 

Two part trolley. Top section slides into sterilization unit on heat resistant wheels. Lower section includes non marking castors.



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