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                                                    Recycle – Reuse – Refill

The easy way to provide plenty of cheap water for our kids to drink at school

Refillable water bottles are convenient, save money, and reduce rubbish…….

 Upright Bottlefiller  Wall Mounted Bottlefiller

But should our kids really have to refill them in the toilet blocks?

Buying bottled water is expensive and creates a huge amount of waste that needs to be collected and we know that only a small amount really does get recycled.

Refillable water bottles are the way to go but the big problem is that the plumbing in most schools is not designed to make filling the bottles easy. Trying to fill a bottle from a normal bubbler or drinking water fountain takes a long time and a lot of water is wasted. And finding a tap around the school is often not easy or the water is unsuitable for drinking, and do we really want our kids filling their water bottles from the taps they wash their hands under in the toilets.

The answer is to install a Marko Water Bottle Filler. These have been designed specifically for schools and can be easily fitted to the existing bubbler troughs in your school.

                                           Upright Water Bottle Filler        Wall Mounted Water Bottle Filler

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