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Stainless Steel Commercial Benches are custom-made for our customers specific requirements and to suit their application. Stainless Steel Benches are suitable for Kitchens in Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, Hospitals and Canteens and the like are mainly general duty. These Stainless Steel Commercial Benches have been installed throughout Newcastle, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast of NSW.

Benches for these applications are usually manufactured from 1.2mm 304 (food) Grade No.4 (Satin) finish Stainless Steel. These are timber backed with the timber sheeted over and sealed against moisture and vermin to meet Health Regulations.

Manufactured and Installed Throughout Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Stainless Steel Commercial Benches are fitted with Stainless Steel Legs and Adjustable Feet to allow for falls to floor drains. Benches can be either Dry or Wet configuration. Dry Benches being flat work benches, and Wet Benches having a raised lip to the perimeter of the bench to prevent moisture from reaching the floor.
Wet benches may be attached to Dishwashers and or incorporate one or more Bowls. Bowls are custom made to size and shape.
Undershelves are optional. Stainless Steel Shelves can be either single or multiple. Overshelves also are optional. These may be of flat sheet, RHS (square tube) bars or perforated.
Heavier Benches for Industrial uses such as for Mines throughout the Hunter Valley or Western Australia for example, Smallgoods Factories and Mechanical Workshops, are made from thicker material. These are not usually timber backed. Strength is gained from thicker Stainless Steel sheet and from rigid RHS framework.
Bench length is determined by accessibility, though our craftsmen are able to on-site weld and polish to form continuous Benches to length or shape required.
Grade of Stainless Steel should be selected according to applications. The most common grades are 304 grade and 316 grade. Grade 304 is usually used in food applications with 316 grade being used for highly corrosive applications such as chemical areas for its resistance to corrosion.
Our staffs are committed to ensure your requirements are met to your satisfaction with the most economical configuration possible for all stainless steel commercial benches.
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